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23 May 2017: Welcome to website. Please bear with me, as I develop this site- through (likely) many iterations. This is a personal project, an ambitious one at that. I recognize various challenges exist here in Saipan. I’m efforting to close the gap a bit. It will take time. I’d love for you to get involved. Let’s work on something awesome together!

Many businesses don’t have websites. Government websites are often inaccurate. Most businesses don’t have business cards. We all know there are no street numbers, no exact business (or residential!) addresses. Social media isn’t highly utilized, not much activity on Yelp, flickr, or reddit. No meetup, no craigslist, no taskrabbit.

I’ll be building out this site as time permits. I’ll try to describe things along the way. For instance, I decided on WordPress after considering Concrete5. I’m testing several free WP themes, to see how they interact and visualize for my needs. I’m using free phpBB3 forums software. My hosting is through DreamHost. I can spend time in future blog posts describing my site build in greater detail.

I moved to Saipan six weeks ago. I knew nobody here. I had no job. No family or history here. Very little money or belongings. I am complicated. I like challenges. Problems that can be solved offer unique opportunities. I want to help create positive change. I guess we’ll see how this journey goes…

No car, no apartment, no job, no internet. Got an IT&E phone, found a $300 apartment in Garapan in four days. Got a CNMI Driver’s License and library card. Star Water service, butane stove, and a P.O. Box. All that stuff. Now, I’ve spoken with and/or met with nearly 100 leaders here in Saipan.

Mr. Mayor, Congressmen and Legislative Representatives, OGM, CDA, SBDC, MVA, USDA, BECQ, NOAA, MINA, NPS, NMC, CREES, PSS, Eucon International College, Marianas High School, Latte Training Academy, NMTI, DPL Trust, Dept. of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce, ANZ Guam, Office on Aging, NMPASI, CAMI, dozens of local business owners: The Shack, Boka Boka, Sweet Escape, SM Store, Garapan Fresh Market, Marianas Business Plaza, Tribe Marianas, and lots more.

I’m just getting started. I’m listening. I’m learning. I’m efforting to help build new, optimized solutions for the CNMI. For the economy, environment, community, and job market. I’m trying to assist agencies, farmers, businesses, and nonprofits explore alternative funding sources. Like philanthropic organizations, foundations, corporate grants, and grant matching programs.

So far, my single work opportunity appears to be an aquaponics incubator project in Susupe. Erick Van Der Maas at the Marianas Business Plaza (home of the 360 Restaurant) has been generous enough to offer me free commercial space, most of the aquaponics equipment, free rainwater, and all the free electricity (from solar!) that I need. There is an opportunity to start this, and expand it up to nearly two acres he’s willing to let me use. All free of charge.

Please be in touch. I’d love to speak with you.  – David