Supertyphoon Hagibis

Overnight from 07-08 October, 2019, Supertyphoon Hagibis struck Saipan – less than one year after Supertypoon Yutu. I shot some videos. Please forgive my poor video skills. I’m versed in still photography, but really bad at video. You can find… Continue Reading

CNMI After Super Typhoon Yutu

Hafa adai. Apologies, it’s been the better part of a calendar year since I’ve been active and posting. Yet, I’m still drawing a solid number of daily page views – most significantly to my posts: How to Form an LLC… Continue Reading

Hello Saipan!

I’m new here. Still learning my way around Saipan. I’ve had the same conversations probably 300+ times. Why Saipan? How did you hear of Saipan? Well, I was a fashion designer way back when. So, I had heard of the… Continue Reading