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I’m not updating much right now. Trying to see if there are any ways I can still help the CNMI community. We all know there’s a lot of work to be done, recovering from Super Typhoon Yutu, creating a more self-sufficient economy, improving infrastructure, and more.

As a quick note, I’d like to thank all who have taken time to visit this modest website. I greatly appreciate your interest and the many emails I’ve received and dialogue that followed. This website has experienced visitors from all around the world. Coming to get information on Super Typhoons Yutu and Hagibis. How to Start a Business in Saipan. And on issues related to our Extreme Climate Crisis.


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Yes. What we see is that there have been unique visitors to from 99 different countries and territories, from all around the world.


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I remain grateful for your interest. And hope I can serve and support.

Thank you.


[top image credit: Taken by me. Beautiful and expansive view of Saipan from Mount Tapochau facing south. With nearby Tinian in the middle background.]

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