2018 Happy New Year!

Hello, and Happy New Year! 2018. Whoa.

I hope 2018 is good to each of you — and everyone.

I’m going to begin posting regularly.

For as long as I still have a roof over my head and am alive and kicking. My objective is to compile and present a lot of data from my Firefox bookmarks and saved documents – as vignettes on topics I’m familiar with through exhaustive work and thorough research.

My plan is to post at least three vignettes per week. On topics like job creation, social venture enterprises, economic revitalization, community currencies, population growth, infrastructure, renewable energies, agriculture, food security issues, policy, health, social justice, pollution, climate change, ecosystems, and environmental conservation. We’ll see how this goes…

  • Each vignette will identify major issues.
  • I’ll provide links to various research, documents, news, statistics.
  • I’ll share some insights/opinions on innovative solutions.

Meanwhile, I am working on one final document that I will send out via email.

I hope to help change the world.

Can I help you accomplish something important?



Thanks for visiting! I know I get a bit of regular traffic, but I rarely “know” who. I notice I’ve had visitors from at least 20 different countries in the past few months. I’d look forward to hearing from you if you’d care to add anything in the comments. I can also be reached directly by email:

[email protected]

david Saipan

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